Tuesday, June 7, 2011

More birthday fun :)

Spoiled by way too many good friends this year... I have another post about my birthday!  I had such a wonderful day all over the city with dear friend and family! In the afternoon, two dear girlfriends of mine took me to Popover Cafe on the Upper West Side for some hot fudge sundaes!

Popover Cafe
551 Amsterdam Ave. (corner of 86th Street)
While Popover is known for it's fabulous brunch, my girlfriend, Erin, {who's lived here for about a decade:)} knew the hot fudge is great for a celebration too! She says it's possibly the best in the city and I agree! It came in those cups you can see on the table!

Popover is one of those delightful, well-established places - where you feel a little bit like you are at your Grandma's house because it is so welcoming. Everything is always wonderful and you know it will be there the next time you want to visit!
The brownies in this were amazing!! The kind that melt in your mouth and then you wonder how it was a brownie because it was so soft!!

Good to know: The wait for brunch on the weekends can be quite long so plan to arrive either before 10am or probably after 1pm.

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