Monday, June 6, 2011

Birthday date night!

{Whoa.. so after they sing happy birthday in Italian - which sounds way more beautiful than in English - they dump a pot of chocolate on your dessert until you tell them to stop! Mmmm... what a fun surprise!}

Hubby and I had one of our best date nights in the city on Saturday night! He took me out to celebrate my birthday and wandered around the Upper West Side with me afterwards. {I love just walking down any random street in the city... really the best way to explore!}

We started out with dinner at Cafe Fiorello - a most lovely Italian establishment! It's one of those places where the crowd is somewhat on the older side - probably because they've been going there for years and years!
 Cafe Fiorello
1900 Broadway (between 63rd and 64th St.)
The lasagna is one of their signature dishes and it's the reason I love Cafe Fiorello! It's an open-faced, one layer lasagna - but don't be fooled! It only makes the classic dish even better!!! The noodles are home made and you can taste it!

We ordered a pizza as well - which was really good! But we definitely like the margarita pizza better from the time before! {Oh and can you tell already that we had so many left over to bring home!!}
This is in reverse order, but for our appetizer - we ordered their famous fried ravioli! It really is fun to try!
Thanks hubby for the best night! It was my favorite birthday celebration yet!
Good to know: DO make reservations.. Cafe Fiorello is on opentable!


  1. Love Fiorello's! Collin and Julie have a tradition of Fiorello's for dessert after a temple evening. She introduced me to the tradition - delish!

  2. You are darling. You look beautiful and happy, and the food looks amazing too! When I come to New York, can we try all of these?? We can pretty much just eat the entire time I'm in town. Hmmm...maybe we should time it around a half marathon or something, to make up for all the dining out... :)

  3. whew - finally one thing I've done on your amazing blog! We tried it one evening last year after we were at the temple, and we loved it as well - so much that it's our go-to place in that area. Although, we have never made it to the dessert menu...I'm definitely not letting that happen again. Happy belated birthday - it looked like a wonderful weekend!

  4. @Allison - so glad you like it too! Julie was the introduced it to me as well!!

    @Erica - we will definitely try as much as we can when you come! Ps- when are you coming!?!

    @Summer - Definitely get dessert next time! So amazing!!


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