Thursday, June 2, 2011

Going out of state for dinner!?

Cute hubby thought this was maybe a little silly at first...  but once I told him we were going to take the Path to New Jersey to get Mexican food, he was game! It turned out to be an amazing night!
121 Washington St. (near 1st Street)
Hoboken, NJ

On Memorial day, we felt up for a little adventure - and with Mexican food in the plans - my hubby and a few friends were willing to come along on the trip to New Jersey!

Hoboken is only a stop or so away on the Path train (depending on where you're coming from) and it's much nicer! The Path works similar to the subway - it comes pretty frequently so you don't have to be too worried about looking up the schedule - except on the weekends or holidays.

Also, you can use your MTA subway pass to ride the Path train as long as its not a monthly unlimited pass.
Back to why we really took a train out of state (only about a 10 minute ride:) to get Mexican food... a friend of mine who's lived in the area for years told me Charrito's has the best Mexican food in the tri-state area so we had to give it a try! And it did not disappoint! Wow! While I love La Esquina and Rosa Mexicana in the city, Charrito's would get the best "comfort" Mexican food award! Reminded me of what I ate growing up in California!

The chicken fajitas were probably the winner of the night - in case you're wondering what our favorite was!

I loved the festive and colorful decorations! Brett and our friend, Dox, (who have both lived in Mexico) enjoyed the authentic music as well!
 The place is pretty small so get there early or plan on waiting for a bit outside!
 The sour cream was so pretty - I almost thought it was whip cream!
Check out how nice the Hoboken Path Station is! Complete with TV's and fans! Wow! Putting the subway to shame! (Now - if only the Path train went more places! :)
Conveniently located next door to Charrito's is Rita's Ice (at 121 Washington St.)!

Ice Custard Happiness = Rita's!
{That's the store's mission!}

We grabbed a gelati - which is custard at the bottom and top with fresh Italian ice in the middle! I tried the Splenda mango-peach flavor and it was awesome! (Even with a few less calories!)
Good to know: If you're a Cake Boss fan, Caro's Bake Shop is just a few blocks down the street! Better check before you go though to find out whether it will be open!

Then, we took our frozen treats out to the pier where we enjoyed a gorgeous view of the New York City skyline and the cool water breeze! (From Washington Street - just walk east about three blocks and then you'll end up here!)
There was a gorgeous lawn where people were relaxing and playing all sorts of games!
A view of our "neighborhood" - lower Manhattan! Check out the cranes - those are at the new World Trade Center site!
Midtown Manhattan...
Looking back at New Jersey!
Hubby and I near the water!
This is my gorgeous friend, Emily!
Here's Em with her cute husband, Dox!
Hoboken is quite the charming, cute town! A great escape for a few hours! If you're looking to get away or out of the city for just a little bit, Hoboken would be a great choice! There's something magical about looking back at the skyline - taking in a breath and thinking - Oh I love NYC!

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  1. Sounds like such a fun night!
    And what a cute picture of you and Brett!
    I love reading about what you are doing everyday so it doesn't feel like you are so far away!!


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