Wednesday, May 11, 2011

FiDi is on the map! Red Mango on Fulton officially opens TODAY!!

Can you tell I'm just a little happy!? {Slightly embarrassing I have a diet coke in} Our first apartment in the city was just a few blocks from here - and let's just say there wasn't anything half as cool in our neighborhood at the time. This is big news downtown!

Red Mango
111 Fulton Street

Here are some pics I snapped last night during their "soft" opening last night... I can't believe there's 10 flavors in one store!! The raspberry cheesecake and peach ones were awesome!
Between my friend and I - we sampled 5 different flavors! As you can see - our "regulars" were a pretty good size and they only cost between $5-$6 with topping included!
 Now, you can load on the toppings to your liking!
I discovered yogurt chips for the first time last week and I thought that was amazing! Boba.. could be a new favorite too!

Good to know: Sounds like the hours might be extended soon! Yay! Keep checking! Also, be sure to ask for their Club Mango card and earn points with every purchase!


  1. consider yourself covered if you ever need a date to red mango! We are right around the corner and go almost daily... :/


  2. I'll join you there any day! I'm surprised we haven't run into each other yet - seeing as I went four times on opening week :) Oops!


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