Thursday, September 27, 2012

Turning the Big 3-0 in Ohio!

Weeks that is!
Not years - though I'm sure Baby "C" will make me feel that way soon :)
This past weekend, Ashley and I flew into Detriot and then drove to Toledo, Ohio 
to watch Brooke race for BYU's cross country team!
Visiting the Midwest was quite the adventure!
Such fun sister time! 
(We missed you dearly Allie and Sonya!!)
Since we were in a key swing state, Ashley rocked out her Mitt sticker!
The only thing we could find that said 'Ohio' was this car's license plate 
so we had to take a picture to show her patriotic spirit!
BYU's cross country girls with their neon leg warmers before the race!
I was wondering if there was some technical reason they wore those,
 but I was told it's just so the coach can spot them! 
It definitely helped with that! 
Our sweet cousin (really almost our other sister :) - Stephanie and Brooke posed before warming up!
Then before the girls came around the first corner, Ashley snapped my 30-week bump shot.
Feels more like a mound than a bump now :)
I think Baby "C" was running her own race that day!
Our girls racing down the golf course in Toledo, Ohio!
Finishing strong! 

We love you Brooke! You're amazing! So fun watching you run!


  1. wowzers you're traveling so much! looking great though.

  2. Looks like a fun trip! You look great Kimber!!


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