Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Travel Tuesday Tip: Best Broadway Shows!

The summer visitor season is underway! 
One question I seem to get over and over again is what Broadway show to see.
There's so many great options right now!

My family's recent trip to the city was based around coming to see 
It didn't disappoint!
It's only playing through the summer so get your tickets now!

The MUST SEE list 
would include Wicked and Lion King - of course!
But don't plan on getting tickets to those at TKTS. 
You'll need to buy those in advance.

Phantom of the Opera, and Mary Poppins are always delightful!
(These are often at TKTS
Though if you're planning on getting discount tickets, 
be flexible with what show you want to see.)

We surprised my Mom and took her to see 
her childhood favorite Disney show - Mary Poppins - as an early birthday present!
She loved it!!

On my list to see before "Baby C"...


  1. I didn't care for Evita personally :/ if they change the woman who plays Evita it may be worth seeing but it was the first time I was really let down by a Broadway play.

  2. That is so fun! I love Newsies so much; I bet it is awesome on Broadway!


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