Friday, February 3, 2012

Target Time

Thank goodness for Zipcar - which helps me get to Target in Harlem!
There's something about wandering up and down the HUGE aisles
with a FOUNTAIN Diet Coke in hand that is just so refreshing!

Thoroughly enjoyed this month's visit!
Stocked up on all those things you can't get or don't want to haul home from elsewhere!

Here's my rundown on the Targets in/near the city:
(FYI.. the numbers next to the Bulls Eyes are just markers - no meaning)

Listed as '5': Harlem now with fresh groceries!
517 East 117th Street in Manhattan
This one is my favorite in the area!
+There's ample parking in the garage (super safe too) and it's reasonable ($5-7 total for 2-3 hours)
+Car service is always waiting (in case you didn't bring a car) to take you home
+Great selection and stock on the shelves
+Rarely crowded on weekdays
+Costco is just one floor below so you can hit up both during the same trip! 
(do Target first - then Costco so your frozen items don't melt)
-You do have to pay for parking (though pretty reasonable for the island)

Listed as '1': Jersey City
100 14th Street, Jersey City
This would be my second choice - still nice though!

+Free parking lot
+Well stocked and not too busy on weekdays/evenings

-Holland Tunnel toll makes up the difference in what you saved for free parking

Listed as '2': Atlantic Terminal in Brooklyn
139 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn

+Subway accessible via 2, 3, 4, 5, D, N, R, B, Q
+Don't have to rent a car or take car service home

-Sometimes the store isn't well stocked
-Gets pretty crowded
-Sketchier neighborhood (since you're actually walking in it - opposed to Harlem 
if you're driving and can pull right into the parking garage)

Hope that helps! 
Happy Friday!!

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  1. Thanks for taking me and showing me the ropes. First zipcar experience too.


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