Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thank you Southwest!

Yesterday, I flew Southwest for the first time in several years (since it didn't have New York flights until this past March) - and let me tell you - it was such a treat!

Here are the top five reasons I loved my Southwest experience this week...

1. No change fees. 
I had originally booked a roundtrip from Newark to Phoenix for Christmas. 
Last week, I realized I couldn't resist the snow any longer so I looked into rebooking my ticket
to include a couple day layover in Park City, Utah.
I changed my itinerary to fly into Salt Lake City and then booked another ticket from SLC to PHX.
Since I was flying on less peak days, it only cost $50 to rebook and add the third flight. Yay!

2. Two checked bags for FREE!
Big savings here!
I skipped shipping Christmas presents this year and checked two bags for the first time in a few year!
It also saved me quite a bit of stress since I wasn't worried about overpacking!

3. No lines!
I'm sure this will change as it gets closer to the holidays.
But at least yesterday, Southwest had plenty of smiling faces behind the counter!

4. A happier place!
As a frequent Southwest traveler told me yesterday,
"For most airlines, it's a matter of whether it's a miserable or more miserable experience.
At Southwest, people actually like their jobs and it shows."
I thoroughly enjoyed the corny jokes and more laid back attitude by the flight attendants.
The passengers seemed more pleasant too! Just less stress all the way around!

5. Open seating
It seemed to take much less time to get everyone on the flight!
I was in the middle of the "B" group for my first flight and got a coveted exit row aisle seat.
On my second flight, I was in the middle of the "A" group and struck gold again!
I do think part of my luck was that I was traveling alone. 
Of course, it is trickier when you're trying to get more than two seats together!

Hope your travel experience goes as smoothly this week! 
What's your favorite airline???

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