Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Apples in autumn

Hubby and I joined the youth for our church's congregation for apple picking outing!
We had such a great time with them at Harvest Moon Orchard and Farm!
It's about a one hour drive from the city. 
The autumn colors on the East Coast are so beautiful!!
 Look at that adorable smile!!
 With leaves on the stem!! Couldn't be any fresher!
 Look at this cute boy! Sure love his family!
 The leaves were almost translucent in the bright sunlight!
 Walking through the orchard!
 With the gals! Super mom and YW leader - Melissa, carrying her THREE week old daughter, 
 Leave it to the YM to get creative when the apples were high up! Nice team work!


  1. These pretty pictures make me think of our fun trip last year! So gorgeous!

  2. such a fun day! you looked so adorable!

  3. Thanks Mom and Taylor!! That was such a fun day!


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