Thursday, November 3, 2011

City and Travel Apps

As you might have noticed - I've been reporting on travel stories for 
We've got some great holiday tips coming up soon! 
I'll be sure to repost here so you can see!

In the meantime, I wanted to start sharing more travel related stories on City Treats and Treasures!
I'll still be writing about the city - but wanted to expand to tips and ideas for visiting other cities as well!

For those with iPhones, Androids or Blackberries - let me introduce you 
to my favorite new travel app TeleNav GPS!
I've used Garmin, Magellan and Tom Toms before and none of them worked quite as smoothly as this! 
A few weeks ago, I flew down to North Carolina for a mini-vacation.
When I was in line to pick up my rental car, I stumbled upon this app and it made the whole week
so much better since I was driving by myself and didn't want to be lost. 

TeleNav GPS is free to download. 
To get voice turn-by-turn with street name directions - it's only $9.99 per year! 
(Way worth it!! Wish we would have had this for our VT trip!)
Much cheaper than renting a GPS from the car rental for $12 per day! 

It will even let you play your playlists in the background - then it will fade into the directions when you need to make a turn - then back to the music!

 I found the search features to work much more accurately than other GPS units I've tried since this one is connecting to the internet! 

Also, no more need to worry about updating your maps! 

If you'll be traveling and renting a car anytime soon - I'd definitely give this app a try!
Much cheaper, smarter and easier to use than others I've tried!
Way to go TeleNav for finally getting me somewhere without getting me lost :)

Speaking of apps...

Have you downloaded these as well?? now has groceries too!! 
Just order $39 or more and your delivery is free! 
(Mine usually comes next day!)

Also, gotta love having this one at my finger tips!
Then, I don't have to write a shopping list! 
I can just add to my cart throughout the week as I think of thing!

Also on my iPhone...
I'm not embarrassed to say I've been listening to this pretty much on repeat :)
So enjoying his new Christmas album!! 
Could it possibly replace N'SYNC's 'Kiss Me at Midnight'?!
What do you think?

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