Thursday, October 13, 2011

Just looking out the backseat window...

This was my favorite part of the weekend! Just taking in the views as we drove from town to town
 while listening to General Conference on the iPad! It really was a most delightful weekend! 
One I hope to repeat!
 I loved all of the old buildings with so much character!
Our first stop in the morning was brunch at the Little Rooster Cafe in Manchester.
It's pretty small, but full of flavor! We loved their turkey chili!

Next we stopped in Arlington, Vermont when we saw this darling Christmas Days store!
I wasn't sure before about whether I was ready for fall, but now I'm excited for winter!
Or at least Christmas!!
Then, we heard there was a "Sugar Shack" further down the road
so we had to check that out as well!!
The store even had the different grades of maple syrup on a table for people to try!
The boys were just a little excited to test the different syrups!
We all agreed the dark or grade B version was the best! Seriously amazing!!
Love the fall veggies!
A must stop: The Village Peddler in Bennington!
I wish we could have spent an hour here! 
A darling older couple 'retired' and then opened the shop! 
They offer a chocolatorium class (essentially a demonstration and taste testings) a couple times a day! 
Definitely check the schedule before you go!
All of their chocolates are made at their own shop!
 Our final stop on the way home was in Bennington and it did not disappoint!
We had been waiting all day to try the apple donuts and they were so good!!
A perfect ending for a perfect weekend!

Bottom line: Don't wait as long as we  did to make it to Vermont in the fall! You'll love it!

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