Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Charm in New England

Last weekend, we headed up to Vermont to see the fall colors. We had the most lovely time popping in from one small town through the next as we drove through the southern half of the state. Friday night we stopped in Manchester for dinner at Ye Old Tavern. It was all the charm and warmth I dreamed Vermont to be. 
They served a four-course meal that was incredible! It started with deep-fried, homemade apple fritters  - which as Emily's husband, Dox, said was a 'daring' way to start! And it only got better from there! 
 If you're heading up to Vermont to see the colors this fall, I'd definitely recommend stopping in here! Reservations highly recommended.
The building used to be a hotel, but is now a restaurant. It's delightful on every level :)

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