Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where are you going tonight?! It's Fashion Night Out time!

After living in the city for four years, I'm finally planning on checking out what all the hype is about tonight!

I've been asking around and here's some tips for the evening from my fashion-savvy friends..
  • Make a plan
  • Go early to your 'must see' locations
  • Be prepared for lines outside major department stores and other trendy places
  • Sometimes the smaller, less popular (aka - not 5th Ave.) shops are more fun!
  • Word is the meatpacking district is supposed to be amazing this year
  • Get ready for crowds and madness :) {Isn't that part of the fun?!}
Click here to plan your Fashion Night Out!

PS - It's not just a New York event! From Murray, Utah to Scottsdale, Arizona - and around the globe - Fashion Night Out is practically everywhere! Click here for the locations outside NYC! It's happening online too!

What's your plan for tonight???

Any other tips??

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