Saturday, August 27, 2011

What our neighborhood looks like today

After finishing our preparations, we took a walk with the Doxford's around our neighborhood this afternoon. 

Here's a look at the Financial District and Battery Park City today:
 Lots of open cabs everywhere! Who knew it would be so easy to grab a ride on the day of evacuations!

 Word is the 'x' tape is a wives tale.. We will see!
  The quietest I've ever seen Broadway. 
 Sandbags and tarps covering grates over the subway line.
We 'departed' our home this morning and were so lucky to be welcomed in by the Doxford's! 
 Almost wishing I was reporting on the storm as we walked through Battery Park :)
Interesting sights everywhere... 
 Our gorgeous friends - Bryan and Emily!
 Closed parks...
 We liked the name of this boat! 
 This guy was soaked as he skateboarded with groceries in hand to one of the yachts.
 These cranes and construction materials make me a little nervous!
A hot commodity these days...
How cute {and generously kind} are the Doxford's! I love that when I entered their home - this was the quote on their chalkboard in the kitchen. We are so lucky to have such wonderfully sweet friends in the city!


  1. So crazy Kim! I hope you guys are safe! I love seeing the pictures of NYC in hurricane mode. I also love the diet coke! Hahah you got the essentials.

  2. love these pictures! stay safe all of you down there!

  3. Crazy pictures. NYC looks so weird right now. Stay safe. And tell Emily hi!


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