Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ready for a sleepover!

Planned for utter disaster {as best we could} and hoping for the best!  


Packed up more than our 72-hour kits and took it to a friend's apartment where we will be staying during the storm.

Transported a couple hundred bottles of water.

Put away things from the window - including my hurricane vases.

Watched way too much Weather Channel :)

Was amazed by the outpouring of support and love from people throughout Manhattan willing to help all of our friends downtown.

Favorite sighting tonight...
Life jackets for dogs! Of course!?
{This was at the pet store across the way on Washington Street.}
In case you're wondering - there was still an ample supply! They might go fast in the morning though!

This is the Marriott right next door to us. All boarded up tonight and ready for Irene!

Stay tuned! We plan to blog this weekend as long as we can. 

No matter what - it's guaranteed to be an adventure! Hope everyone stays safe!!

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