Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wishing I was here right now! The newly extended Highline Park!

I'm at the Chicago O'Hare airport right now.. Have been for hours and really hoping my flight will leave soon so I can make it to California {for my sister's wedding} before the sun comes up! Ugh.. I was supposed to be there before midnight! Oh United - thanks for delaying me for hours and for checking my bag - even though it was the right size...

Enough of that... just wishing I was right here instead right now. Highline Park is probably one of my favorite places in the city to take a walk. It really is magical. And now - it has doubled in length! If you liked Highline before, you'll be even more wow'd now!

Highline Park is ABOVE 10th Avenue essentially between 10th and 34th Streets. Info about entrances is here.
Brooke, Emily and I walked through it last week and enjoyed taking in all the views! 
I love the theater style steps where you can people watch from above!
No matter what time of year I've visited - the flowers and gardens have been spectacular! Highline is built on top of an old train track (that was never finished) a few stories above street level.
PS - do you like our necklaces?! Creative Brooke and I {with her help:)} made them! Details on that next week!
So many interesting views in the new extension! Oh and I almost forgot to mention - People's Pops are just one of the fun vendors on Highline!

 Gorgeous Emily and me - with the Empire State Building behind!

And what is this below??? Introducing Rainbow City tomorrow ;) Hope your Thursday starts out better than mine!

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