Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bzzzz.. you'd BEE silly not to go here...

Walking into 'Bee' yesterday - felt like an escape into an enchanted garden! I went with a girlfriend for lunch and it was delightful!

Bee Desserts and Cafe
94 Greenwich Ave.
Look at these cute tables outside in their garden! I think this would be a perfect place for a romantic date night!! It's amazing that the trees above create plenty of shade so it's never too hot!
Bee Desserts and Cafe is a Brazilian-influenced restaurant - with lots and lots of sweets!
There's not too much seating inside - so I'd really try to go here on a nice evening and snag a table in the back garden!
Good to know: It's on Greenwich AVENUE (near 13th Street) - NOT Greenwich Street in the financial district.

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