Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Mother's Day Ideas - Part 2

There's still time to make mom feel special this Mother's Day, but you better get on it! One of my favorite shops to peruse in the city is on Broadway - not too far from Shake Shack!
889 Broadway (at 19th Street)
This is my favorite collection: 212 Skyline Dinnerware. The black and white skyline print is so classy and simple that it goes with most dishware. Who couldn't use another set of glasses in the kitchen?!
If your Mom or Grandma is super adorable like mine (love you Grandma Olson!) and loves crossword puzzles, then the Word Up! collection is perfect for them!
Who wouldn't feel special with a gorgeous cake stand to show off an amazing cake!? I wish my Mom lived close because this would be a hit, especially if we gave it to her with a cake on top!
Seriously, there's so many beautiful pieces crammed into this store - you really should just check it out in person when you're here!
 Oh and I heart the Brooklyn collection - especially the serveware in this set is gorgeous!!
 This set is called Tunnel Vision and comes in New York and New Jersey versions.
Sometimes, Moms just like the little things (especially if you were to fill these bowls with something fun - like candies or jewelry:)

And being a New Yorker (do I qualify after four years?!) - I adore the Floorplan Pattern... Hubby, how does this layout sound for our next apartment?! lol... I really do love my place! :)

Good to know: There are so many fun things to find here and some may be smaller gifts but they can work great if you're putting together a basket of fun things for  Mom this year!

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  1. Looks like a NY spin off of anthro dinnerware! How cute and quirky!


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