Sunday, May 15, 2011

Eating from our garden :)

This afternoon, I was excited to use fresh herbs for the first time from my own garden! When I bought these at the Union Square Greenmarket about two weeks ago, they warned me not to plant the herbs with flowers and not too close together because they grow like weeds. I still didn't realize how quickly they would grow! We had a Mexican themed dinner tonight with grilled chicken tacos and spanish rice with FRESH CILANTRO! It was so fun to literally open my kitchen window, pluck off some leaves {is that what they're even called?!?} and throw it in the pan! It tasted amazing too!

This is my first 'garden' - and it's happening in New York City. Aaaahhh, life is good! So good :)

The bigger highlight of the day is that hubby made it home for dinner this Sunday afternoon. It was quite a treat! I've managed to learn how to grill when he gets caught in meetings, but it always tastes better when he's flipping the meat! :) 
Good to know: The basil plant was only $2. The cilantro and parsley were $4 each. Even if you can only keep them alive for a few months in your window during the summer, it's cheaper to get a few uses out of these than to buy fresh herbs every time you need them! Definitely check before you buy some however to see how much light they need. Some need more than others!

Update: lol... I'm realizing some of you might be laughing at my three-plant garden :) It's kind of my experiment for the season. If it works, who knows - maybe I'll try strawberries next year! A friend of mine said they actually grow well on terraces in the city!

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