Thursday, July 12, 2012

Week 18: Connecticut

Brett and I enjoyed the most lovely wedding of our dear friends in Connecticut a few weekends ago.
The festivities were in Stamford, New Canaan and Greenwich.
Whew! It was a fun packed weekend!
I feel like I lived in Connecticut for a couple of years when I worked there daily for News 12 CT.
So in a weird way - it feels like a second home here on the East Coast to me.
Brett is always confused at why I know how to get around or find whatever store we're looking for.
I guess that's the benefit of spending your entire working day - everyday in a live truck!

So here are some of my favorites in Connecticut:

-such a fun grocery store and all of their products are amazing!!

-reported on plenty of stories about the incredible volunteers here.
-can't wait to take Baby "C" here next year! it's such a fun place for kids!!

-two of my favorite classic New England 'downtown' areas with great shopping and restaurants

-if you love soup, you must try Soup Alley! my favorite place in the area for a quick lunch!

1 comment:

  1. That's funny about how Brett would be surprised when you know where everything is. Almost like a second life! :)

    You're darling!


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