Sunday, August 28, 2011

Thankful :)

After relocating {two blocks} back to our apartment this afternoon - I was curious to take a walk in Battery Park City. Luckily, there wasn't too much to see! We're grateful Irene spared the city from real disaster!

The twig below was the first piece of evidence we had a storm.. lol
Other than some twigs and leaves on the sidewalk and in the Hudson River - it looked like an ordinary day along the water with people walking..
and dogs too...

and biking..

The unusual sights were...

The most available taxis I've ever seen! Open cabs were everywhere yesterday and today!
News crews still hanging out in BPC.
It looks like the biggest clean-up effort in our neighborhood will be removing all of the sand bags.. best case scenario after a hurricane - I'd say!
Even the flowers in the community garden across the street looked chipper today!
Finally, more good news! "Nana's house" - as my nephew, Davis, refers to it {The Marriott Downtown} obviously survived Irene just fine as well!

Hope the rest of the east coast is able to recover quickly!!!

Back to {more} fun adventures tomorrow!

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