Thursday, June 16, 2011

I know my Dad might disagree with this...

The family travel expert I interviewed for this story said NOT to force your child onto a ride. Well, I don't think we followed that rule when we were kids :) When my siblings were younger, we went to Disney World and definitely tricked my youngest sister, Brooke, into going on Tower of Terror...more than a few times! We would get to the front of the line and then say "Oh no! I thought this was the teacups (or insert another ride:). Oh well, we'll take you on that one next time..." This happened over and over that week! lol... good thing she's recovered from it today!

Anyways, here are some great tips about how to make the most of your trip to an amusement park this summer! And how to keep everyone happy while on the trip!

Good to know: There are several theme park options IN New York City! There's Coney Island in Brooklyn! And the Victorian Gardens in Central Park are so fun too!

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