Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A city classic!

If you've ever spent any time in the city, you've probably seen black and white cookies all over. I'm not sure why it's kind of a staple in the city, but the weird part is most of the time they're really dry cookies and not so good! That is... unless you head to Glaser's Bake Shop on the Upper East Side! It's been there since 1902 - so no wonder they make the perfect black and white!
The black and white isn't Glaser's only treat and treasure! So many choices!

Glaser's is located at 1670 First Ave. (between 86th and 87th St.).

Glaser's Bake Shop is the ONLY place to get a black and white! Or as I picked up yesterday - some black and 'blues' for a baby shower. If you call ahead, they'll even color them for you like these for a special occasion!

Good to know: Glaser's closes for a break in the summer between July 2 and August 15. (Last day is July 1. Re-opening Aug. 16.) Better head in sometime between now and this Friday if you're only here for the summer!

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  1. That is right by my office! I go there all the time - love it. Next time you are in the area give me a call!


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